Our National Honey Show Statement


Earlier this year when we were told by the National Honey Show organisers that they could not give us the same stand position as the last time we attended.

We decided, reluctantly again, that it was unrealistic for us to attend the show. Our stand is a fixed size and cannot be located just anywhere.

But we did promise to pass on the money we saved by not attending the the National Honey show to our valued customers.

The show costs us £6,500 in pure cash terms to attend. Email subscribers will have seen last week how we reinvested some of that saving in product offers our customers need, not seconds but our first quality frames sold at a discount.

Watch this space as they say 🔭 - more to follow, we still have more cash to reinvest in you our valued customer over the coming weeks and months - every Lidl helps as they say.


Patrick K Murfet



  • Stephen Auty

    Are you going to Bee Tradex in Spring 2019 ?

    Also, the cardboard nucs – at Tradex last year they were flat-packed, yet when I ordered more they came assembled which was a pain until needed to store. Can you supply them flat packed ?

  • Rich

    Are you going to Bee Trade Ex?

  • Dorothie Jones

    You’re not alone.
    No Paynes or Donegal Bees this year and Abelo don’t travel down.
    Just leaves Thornes and Maisemore to choose from now….shame.

  • nick shaw

    wow £6500 is terrible. I remember as a kid going to the Essex County Show and seeing bees there and its taken me 50 years to get round to getting them this year. I’ve got a 16 acre field and when I retire I was thinking of organising an event so will send you an invite if i get it done it wouldnt cost anywhere near that price.

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