New Workshop at Bee Equipment


At last!

After 3 years of struggling with a Welsh supplier we have invested £360,000 to take the means of production in house and produce first class products from Western Red Cedar at affordable prices.

We have installed 2 CNC wood cutting and routing machines, planer and more.

Western Red Cedar is highly sought after, being one of the most durable woods in the world. It has an aromatic fragrance which can be retained for long periods of time and it also contains a natural preservative which is resistant to fungal attack. The durable wood is soft and good for construction, perfect for National hives.

Want to see the product? Come and see us at BeeTradeX and BBKA Spring Convention next month!


  • Jim

    Good for you! Nice to see investment like this. I hope it is a success.


    Hi Ken, thanks for asking! We will eventually produce Langstroth and WBC – the demand for National is highest so that’s where we started.

  • Ken Lutz

    Are you going to expand into Langstroth’s as well?

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