Multi-function Crown Board

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The simple things are best

  • one crown board with many uses

  • Ideal for use with varroa treatments

  • feeders can be used without the use of an empty super

  • helps with swarm control

  • helps to prevent the spread of disease between colonies.

If you are contemplating using Apiguard for instance you will know that a space above the trays helps with the efficacy of the treatment, the multi-function crown board has this head space built in.

When needing to add a small spring feed for instance it can be done with the build of the multi-function crown board without the use or need for additional equipment.

When it comes to swarm control it helps with the simplest method of all, I will go into this part in another blog probably over winter when we are preparing for the spring.

This multi-function crown board has many uses but the most important aspect in my opinion is it will help with the control of disease spreading, speak your seasonal bee inspector who will tell you that the spread of EFB and AFB is largely done within an apiary by the beekeeper either not being clean enough between hives or using the same equipment like ekes. Our multi-function crown boards stay with the hive all season.

1 comment

  • Norrie Forster

    Interesting blog, however it would have been really useful article if the listed advantages were explained…. a teasing taster for sure, but how a deeper crown board aids swarm control etc is an entreaguing mystery 😏🙂

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