“How To” – NUCS!

“How To” – NUCS!

Thank you for purchasing your Bee-Equipment NUC. To make a successful transition from NUC to hive we have provided this “How To” fact sheet to help you on your way.


Your NUC has been checked

  • For health
  • Brood pattern
  • Queen Laying

And is ready to develop into a full hive given the right care and attention.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following equipment pre-pared.


  • An empty hive
  • 5 waxed, assembled frames
  • dummy board
  • thin syrup


When your NUC arrives, place the box on a stand in the exact position your hive will be. Open the front of the NUC by removing the entrance block and let the bees fly. Do not remove the roof at this stage.


If you received your NUC in the morning on a sunny day your bees will fly, at dusk gently move your NUC from the stand and place it to the side. Put your full hive on the stand in the same position with the entrance facing the same direction.  Take the roof of your NUC and taking out 2 frames pinched together place in your empty hive. Repeat until all the frames are in the new hive.  Do not look for the queen at this stage.


Using the 5 frames you now have in your hive move the far left frame and the far right frame out frame spaces. Using your pre-prepared frames place a new frame either side of the middle 3 frames. This will allow space for your queen to lay. Close your frames in, you should now have 7 frames in your hive. Place your dummy board against one side of box and place the remaining frames to the other side. Add a small feed of a thin syrup.


One week later add 2 more frames to the middle of the hive. Repeating the pattern above by leaving the original 5 middle frames in place and moving the other frames space out.


Leave your entrance block in place on the smallest size to help prevent robbing. For the first week.  One week later open to the larger entrance space.

Once you have 6/7 frames of brood add a queen excluder and super box.


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