Honey Crop

Honey Crop

The first honey crop will be collected now – depending on your location in the UK.

If you leave it on the bees will use it, especially if the weather is changeable – leave it alone at your peril.

Make sure you are stocked with good quality uncapping tanks, rollers and knives.

Honey Comb

During the lull in production you should check the varroa counts in your hives.

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Top tip: Be careful when you check your count against bee base – if it suggests you treat in 4-6 weeks this could be in the middle of a flow. In that case it is better to treat now. Your product choice narrows with a super on.

If you need supers our assembled rite cell supers are great.

You must remember not to mix rite cell with wax foundation. Give your bees no choice and they will draw this out beautifully. In addition, you will have a product that lasts for years and will not need replacing.

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