Granulated honey, creamed honey, uncapping and extraction

Granulated honey, creamed honey, uncapping and extraction

How we deal with granulated honey -

We put it in a cabinet and warm it until it is liquid. Although wax with often collapse the honey should flow from the wax given enough warming and time.

Alternatively move to Rite Cell and life becomes much easier!

Once jarred – if your honey sets and you want liquid honey again the easiest way is with a small, decommissioned freezer or fridge. Carefully drill a hole in the bottom of your fridge (you may need to research the schematics for the fridge/freezer before drilling) and fix a batton holder with a 40w GLS lamp. Put a shelf above the lamp and stack your honey here. The heat from the bulb will give a nice, slow and easy melt.

Alternatively when you extract honey originally you can turn it into creamed honey as they do in much of Europe.

This is much more stable.

To make it just use 10% rape honey added to the liquid honey and leave at 14°c.

The smaller crystals from the rape honey will prevent larger crystals from forming and leave a smooth, spreadable texture.

So you have read this far and you want to get started.

First check the water content of any open cells with our refractometer which is designed for honey. It is illegal to sell honey with a water content above 20% in the UK (with a few specialist exceptions), but ideally to avoid fermentation you want your honey well below 20% (preferably no higher than 18.5%).

With your frames at the ready there are many ways of uncapping. You can search the forums and ask fellow bee keepers but chances are you will get a different answer from everyone!

Some people prefer the uncapping knives, either standard or electric/heated.

Others use an uncapping roller or fork, alone or with a knife.

A hair dryer or hot air gun can also be used.

Uncapped frames are then carefully placed into your extractor, manual or electric, for honey extraction.

Once extraction is completed, remove the frames and allow the honey to flow into a container from the extractor sump.

Filter out wax and crystals from your extracted honey and jar it to be sold (approx. £5 per 1lb in the UK) or keep it for yourself.

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