Beeswax coated plastic foundation - does it work?


The simple answer is yes.

We use plastic foundation in plenty of our hives and the truth is the bees love it. They will happily draw out comb on plastic as they would on wax.

Plastic Foundation in a beehive

Now given the choice they will choose wax. So don't give them that choice!

Plastic foundation in a beehive

So what about the colour of the plastic?

Bees don't care about this either. We sell much more yellow super and black brood foundation than the other way around - but bees will put their stores in black and lay in yellow without complaining!

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    I used your plastic super foundation for the first time this year. the bee use it happily.
    The honey spins out easily, whilst the foundation remains undamaged and can be returned to the hive to be refilled. I will be happy to buy more to replace wired wax super foundation.
    I am not sure I would use it as brood foundation as I like to change it regularly for new clean foundation and I am not sure I could ensure the plastic was free of disease after being cleaned down. is there a special way of ensuring any possible disease is not passed on.

  • John Mosedale

    I bought 10 plastic super frames. MY bees definitely preferred normal wax foundation, until a large nectar flow came on. Then they started drawing it out. I breathed a sigh of relief!

  • Mr G B Todd

    My own experience of black plastic foundation was not good as the bees built their own new comb on top of the plastic instead of drawing out the plastic cells.

  • Richard Ibbotson

    It is good practice to change brood comb every 12-24 months. With wax foundation you simply melt it down and recycle it. What happens to the plastic foundation?

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